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Strong compact and functional vacuum microcasting unit designed for medium and large goldsmith shops with high output. 
Technical Specifications 


electric furnace of 3 kgElectric Furnace of 3 kg
Beautiful electric furnace of capacity 3 kg.
The furnace is equipped with graphite crucible and
drawing tongs.

Technical Specifications



"CL" OHAUS scales for gold, display LCD, AC adapter (optional accessory). 
Capacity 2100g and 4100g, Resolution 0,01g.
Dimensions: 145 x 205 x 45 mm. Weight 400 g. 



  NEW PUK 4.1

- Superior welding characteristics
- Consistently reproducible and high quality  welding results on all materials
  suitable for welding
- Simple and intuitive to operate
- Precise positioning of the welding points 


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