L382100 - Rolling mills LS 300x250 AV

Cod: L382100 - Laminatoio LS 300x250 AV

The LS 300 rough rolling mill is an exceptionally solid, high-performance machine which is suitable for quickly roughing large bars as well as for finishing thin strips.


Surface width: 300 mm
Cylinder diameter:   250 mm
Adjustable rolling speed: 0 ÷ 30 m/min
Maximum cylinder opening: 60 mm
Maximum cylinder torque: 1050 kgm
Rolling force: 114 Ton
Steel alloy cylinders: HRC 64~66
Automatic upper cylinder raising mechanism with gear motor and height programmer/display
Lubrification by means of an adjustable-dosage electronic pump
Open circuit cylinder cooling by means of an electronic pump

Motor power: 30 kW - 40 Hp
Dimensions (L x B x H): 2400x1000x2250 mm
Weight (± 3%): 4300 kg
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