Professional Workbench For Laboratory And Art Institutes - Valbus

Cod: Banco Da Lavoro Per Oreficeria E Modellistica - Valbus

Available for two or three workplaces.
Solid wood frame, plywood bench top and sides covered with wear-proof, non-reflective plastic laminate.
Bar metal frame on top houses the lighting system, hanging motors supports, and related electrical system.
The workbench includes the compressed air and gas distribution system, the fume and filing dust extractor system (requires connection to an extractor unit and air and gas feed).
The ample size, engineering solutions and ergonomic design ensure maximum productivity.

Each workplace includes:
- Aerial support for two tilting motors and electrical outlets
- Adjustable swiveling lamp
- Removable safety hood made of synthetic material and with replaceable glass
- Column with extractor system and separate filter for filing recovery, with the possibilty of excluding extraction in the empty workplace
- Four connections with valves for welding gas and compressed air
- Stainless steel support for two torches with fume extractor hood
- Micro-motor compartment with eletrical outlet
- Three drawers, including one with security lock
- Two sliding foldaway tool holder shelves, one sliding drawer lined with metal to collect filings made of zinc

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