Tumbler Magnetoclean 400 And 500

Cod: Buratti Magnetoclean 400 E 500

Industrial magnetic tumblers.

Field of application:
Magnetic tumbler for small non ferrous parts and precious objects. The tumbler applies a rotating magnetic field to a group of tiny steel needles (inserts of various shapes) placed in a container filled with soap and water. Magnetic field moves metal inserts (micro-hammering) hitting the objects to be polished inserted in the container.

A compact structure with incorporated carry handles; a wear-proof permanent magnetic disc; major container in noise-proof and wear-proof synthetic material with central hub (to tumble necklaces) with lid; auxiliar container to achieve multiple processes; control panel with digital display (adjustable, flag-type for model “500”) that lets you set the magnetic disc’s rotation speed, total cycle times and rotation times (clockwise and counter-clockwise) of the magnetic disc.

Advantages: Simple installation, compact size and reduced energy consumption. Basic controls for easy use. A container that can be removed to load and unload parts. Tumblers are silent and vibration-free, which means they can be installed anywhere.

Starter kit (included):

400: 1 main container ø 375 mm; 3 containers ø 140 mm; 350 g. stainless steel needles, 0.3 mm each; 700 g. stainless steel needles, 0.5 mm each; 450 g. L/FOLS soap
500: 1 main container ø 475 mm; 3 containers ø 160 mm; 450 g. stainless steel needles, 0.3 mm each; 1000 g. stainless steel needles, 0.5 mm each; 600 g. L/FOLS soap

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