Cod: Zerbino Goldvibromat

Goldvibromat  is  a shoe  scrubber  powered  by  a  special  noiseless,  ultra  flat,  hermetically sealed, insulated  and  waterproof  motor, designed  to  be  placed  in  hight traffic areas of the workshop.
Goldvibromat  automatically  starts  and stops when stepped on, making extremely easy recovering of the dust, residues, and filings that fall on the floor and stick to workers' shoes. It has durable nylon brushes, and the collection tray is made of galvanized sheet metal.
Goldvibromat  can  be  set  on  the  floor  (in its special metal collection tray) or recessed in the floor (it must be housed in a space with L-shaped metal edge.
Dimensions: 990 x 500 x 85 h mm). 
It comes in gray (standard). Special colors are available on request.

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