Multifunction engraving equipment for : medals, rings (inside and outside) , bracelets, pets tags, necklaces, key rings, zippo-like lighters, present items with flat or lightly convex surfaces of various metals and plastics.
This equipment engraves indelibly drawings with diamond tip and also writings with different characters : block letters, italic, foreign alphabets.   
It is recommended for photoengraving. Can engrave on gold, silver, copper, inox steel
Magic 70 can engrave either with diamond tool or with rotating bur. It carries out also photoengraving with high quality execution and also can fret, on bracelets and necklaces, names, drawings and logos , imported from scanner or files
Sizes  395 mm (length) x 375 mm (height) x 394 mm (width)
Max. engraving area : (X) 140 mm  - (Y) 100 mm – (Z) 38.5 mm
Resolution : (XY) 0.005 / (Z) 0.0015 mm / (A) 0.028125 deg.
Engraving tool diam. 4 mm

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